Christmas parties

18 December 2017

Christmas parties will take place at the following times: -

  • Nursery Morning Party - Thursday 19th December (AM)
  • Nursery Afternoon Party - Tuesdaty 19th December (PM)
  • Reception Party - Tuesday 19th December 
  • Year 1 Party - Thursday 21st December
  • Year 2 Party - Thursday 21st December
  • Year 3/4 Party - Wednesday 20th December
  • Year 5/6 Party - Tuesday 19th December 

Children are not rerquired to wear school uniform on the day of their party. However, parents are reminded that during dry break times the pupils will be out on the playground and therefore clothing needs to be warm and children need to wear sensible shoes.

There is no charge to parents for the parties. The food, prizes and entertainment will be funded from money raised by our Christmas Concerts.