Parent Panel - We need you!

19 February 2018

Good communication between parents and school is essential in developing a positive learning environment for all of our pupils. 

With this in mind I am introducing a Parent Panel. This is a group pf parents who are not members of the Governing Body but are interested in creating a link between the paremts' views discussed in the playground / outside school and school leaders.

The Parent Panel will be made up of parents from Nursery to Year 6, 1 parent per year group, giving a total of 8 members on the panel. A Chairperson and Vice Chairperson will be elected to run the meetings.

If you are interested in representing your child's yeat group on the Parent Panel please contact the school office and leave your name, child's class and contact details. 

If we receive more applications thna there are places we will hold a ballot.

Thanks you

Mr Craig George