Digital Leaders

Hi, I'm Tianna, I'm 10 years old and I am class 21 and my class teacher is Mr Harrold.  I am Chair of the Digital Leaders and get to do exciting things like going to visit the Governors, help the elders and the younger children.  The class I help out is class 4, Mrs Woolley.  In ICT my favourite thing to do is researching.  I became a Digital Leader because I did it last year and enjoyed it a lot and I enjoy ICT.


My name is Alice Porter and I am 10 years old, I am in class 19 in Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School.  My role as a digital leader is to look after children younger and older than me, I make sure that everybody is comfortable on their technology.  My interests include karate, dance and singing.  I also make sure people are confident using the laptops and iPads.  I became a digital leader to help younger children and older people alike become more experienced on technology.  My responsibilities include a younger class to look after as well as my own class.




I'm Amelie Yalland and I am a Digital Leader.  I am 11 years of age, I am in year 6, class 20.  I became a Digital Leader because I am kind, responsible and determined.  I listen to what people have to say and I love to help and teach young and old about technology.  My responsibility as a Digital Leader is making sure children around the school charge the laptops.  My interest is Taekwondo, I attend Taekwondo 6 times a week which leads to 7 and a half hours a week, I have dedicated my life to Taekwondo and I go to all the tournaments possible, and I especially proud of myself because I am a red belt going for a black belt in November.  


My name is Ruby Button, I am 10 years old, I am in class 20, year 6 and I am a Digital Leader.  My role as a Digital Leader means that i go down to Nursery to help them with iPads and laptops.  I also go down the Oakdale Manor to help them.  My interests are searching things up that I did not know.  I want to be a Digital Leader because I wanted to help others around the school.  I make sure that all the laptops are on charge and the classes have the iPads that they're supposed to have.


My name is Bailey Taylour and I am in year 6 and I am 10 years old.  My role as a Digital Leader is to go into Ms Tudor's class and help pupils in her class.  My interest in technology are going on things like YouTube and things like that.  The reason I became a Digital leader was because I like helping people if they are stuck or confused about anything on the computers.


My name is Dylan Dzineku and I am 10.  Also I am in class 21 in Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School.  My role is to help children with ICT.  My interests are programming and making games using commands.  I became a Digital Leader because I know I can be a big help in the team.


I'm Caitlyn Dowler, I am 11 years old an my class is class 19, year 6.  I'm a Digital Leader and I hope old people at Oakdale Manor and reception children with technology.  My interests are being on computers, watching YouTube and other apps.  I wanted to become a Digital Leader because I love helping out with technology.


Hi, my name is Seren Hudson.  I am 10 years old and I am in class 19.  My class teacher is called Mr White.  My role is to help younger children and the elderly with their ICT skills.  My interests are researching about stuff on Google and I also like playing games online as well.  I became a Digital Leader because I like helping people with anything related to ICT.  My responsibilities are to help Mrs Griffin and Mrs Robins' class on the laptops and to make sure everything gets put away properly.



I'm Faith Gladwyn, I'm 11 and I'm in class 20.  I am the Vice Chairperson of the Digital Leaders.  I love my 2 horses Luna and Lebra and I love to ride them.  I wanted to become a Digital Leader because I love helping children and adults to know how to use the technology they may need to know.  As the Vice Chair, I have to be at most meetings.



Digital Leaders at Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary play a vital role in Digital Literacy and in the use of IT across the school curriculum. With new equipment, programs and apps being created almost every day, we need a core group of dedicated pupils to help keep the other children (and adults sometimes!) up to speed.

The Digital Leaders are required to test and trial any new equipment (E.g. Chromebooks and iPads) making sure that they have found the best way of using it before anyone does!

Another responsibility for the Digital Leaders is to ensure that the IT equipment is maintained. Each week, the Digital Leaders from one of the Y5 or Y6 classes complete a 'maintenance timesheet'. This ensures that all iPads and Chromebooks are returned to their correct place and charged ready for the next class. With over 600 children using the resources, this is an extremely important responsibility.

They will also be helping to keep the school website up to date. 

Teachers with responsibility: Mr Harrold and Mr White

Link Governor: Mr Rutter