Digital Leaders





Digital Leaders at Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary play a vital role in Digital Literacy and in the use of IT across the school curriculum. With new equipment, programs and apps being created almost every day, we need a core group of dedicated pupils to help keep the other children (and adults sometimes!) up to speed.

The Digital Leaders are required to test and trial any new equipment (E.g. Chromebooks and iPads) making sure that they have found the best way of using it before anyone does!

Another responsibility for the Digital Leaders is to ensure that the IT equipment is maintained. Each week, the Digital Leaders from one of the Y5 or Y6 classes complete a 'maintenance timesheet'. This ensures that all iPads and Chromebooks are returned to their correct place and charged ready for the next class. With over 600 children using the resources, this is an extremely important responsibility.

They will also be helping to keep the school website up to date. 

Teachers with responsibility: Mr Harrold and Mr White

Link Governor: Mr Rutter