There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met. (Quote by W.B. Yeats). 

Why do we have a PTA?

We are fortunate to have a well-established PTA (Parent Teacher Association) at Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary, working in partnership with the school. Over recent years the PTA. has raised many thousands of pounds, all of which has been spent on improving equipment and resources in and around the school itself which, in turn, has helped to enhance the learning experiences for all of our children in a variety of different ways. We’re also extremely conscious of the mission statement and ethos of RSDP, and respect and adhere to this when planning and organising events on behalf of the school.

However, it really isn’t all about fundraising! Far from it! Another key objective of the PTA. is to provide close links and networks between home and school, and to provide a channel for bringing staff, parents and children together socially. The common denominator is that all parties work tirelessly to enrich the “RSDP journey” for all of our youngsters!

All parents and members of the local community can get involved, and we’re always looking for extra helpers and volunteers! Parents automatically become members of our Association when they join our school, and any time that can be spared to assist or help out is always gratefully received and hugely appreciated.

Role of the Committee

Our PTA Committee consists of six Officers, posts filled with an equitable mix of both parents and teachers. We meet on a bi-monthly basis, although this becomes more frequent in the build-up to prominent events! Smaller working groups also meet up as and when required, to discuss, develop and implement plans and strategies.

The Composition of the Committee is as follows:

Chair Amy Harriman
Vice Chair  
Treasurer Rachel Smith
Vice Treasurer Claire Lawrence
Secretary Vicki Davies
PTA School Link Governor  
Social Media Hannah Loughlin
Terri Short
Teacher Representative Miss L Davies

How do we spend the money we raise?

Funds raised from our events held throughout the year are banked straight away, and decisions as to how they are then utilised are taken at our regular P.T.A. Committee meetings. In normal circumstances, staff members will present us with ideas and requests as to how any monies raised should be used. There is ALWAYS a “wish-list”, which is continually being added to and updated!

In the main, P.T.A. funds are used to provide the “extras” not funded from the school budget. These can be extremely diverse and wide-ranging but, as a rule, are all purchases or provisions that our staff – and other stakeholders – believe will maximise and enhance the learning practices of our children, and which will make their experiences much more fulfilling and exciting. We ALWAYS endeavour to spend the funds raised in ways that will benefit ALL of our children across ALL areas of the school and curriculum.

Examples of financial contributions made by the P.T.A. towards recent school purchases include:

Expenditure item  Financial Contribution
Playground climbing frame / activity centre £8,000
Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) £8,000
iPads for each class £3,000
Playground shed £2,500
Outdoor play equipment – KS1 £1.700
Library books £1,000
Netball kits / equipment £650
Selection Boxes at Christmas £600 each year
Year 6 Leavers hoodies £1,000 each year
Year 6 Leavers party £200 each year
Swimming team competition entry £56
Sphero Balls £1,247.81
Urdd Art competition £130
Thrive £150
Swimming team t-shirts £64
Sensory room £250


The money we raise is generally spent fairly quickly, and the purchases made are promoted widely via the school newsletter and the “Friends of RSDP” social media pages. That way, you can be sure that in supporting our school, you are helping to enhance the school experience for all of our wonderful children at Rhiw Syr Dafydd!

How can you get involved?

There are lots of ways in which you can help and support the “Friends of Rhiw Syr Dafydd”. Volunteering and helping at our events throughout the year is invaluable – it really is a case of “many hands make light work”! It doesn’t matter if you can’t commit to every event, or assist frequently. There are ALWAYS little tasks that need completing – a lot of which can be done from the comfort of your own home, and at a time convenient to yourself e.g. wrapping presents, preparing raffle tickets, baking cakes etc. The list is ENDLESS! We really couldn’t achieve what we do without the army of volunteers that contribute “behind the scenes”.

Similarly, we welcome as many new faces as possible at our regular meetings. If you have some novel fundraising ideas that you think we should look to implement, why not pop along and share them with us! It’s also the perfect platform to share your views, thoughts and opinions regarding the functioning of the PTA as a whole. So why not join us at our next “Friends of RSDP” meeting? We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Thanks for reading!

We hope you’ve found the information contained on this page useful, and that it’s provided you with an overview and insight of the work done by the “Friends of RSDP”.

If you would like to find out more, then please do not hesitate to contact us by any of the channels outlined below, or simply by leaving a message at the school office. In the meantime, we hope your children enjoy their time at Rhiw-Syr-Dafydd, and we look forward to witnessing their groovy moves at the next school disco!

Friends of Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary