At Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School we believe that school sport gives children the opportunity to be physically active which has significant benefits on physical, social and mental health.  The benefits of school sport include:

  • A healthy body and healthy mind;
  • Inclusive competitions, fit for all;
  • Pathways to out of school clubs;
  • Teamwork - working together to build stronger relationships;
  • More confident and more happy children.  

We believe it's our job to deliver active and engaging lessons where children will learn many skills.  Being active is not only good for physical attributes which help to keep children healthy and strong but is also proven to help with mental stress such as depression and anxiety.  At Rhiw Syr Dafydd, children play a range of different sports, some as individuals and some are team games which is great for teamwork.  We cover a range of sports including rugby, football, netball, cricket, tennis, athletics, dance, golf, the list goes on.

As a school, we are extremely proud of our extra-curricular clubs which are a wonderful opportunity for children to stay active.  We regularly arrange fixtures and competitions outside of school time, this provides an opportunity to showcase skills that have been learnt and compete against other children from different primary schools.   Many children will thrive in secondary school and beyond from foundations that have been laid in primary school through sport. 

We have a proud sporting tradition and have won numerous trophies over the years including being crowned Welsh rugby school champions at the Principality Stadium in 2022.

You can relive the school and the district final on the links below: