Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a happy and productive community of learners who are: -

  • Respectful of everybody and everything
  • Sharing our knowledge and understanding
  • Determined to make a difference
  • Passionate about lifelong learning

Major Priorities 2023 - 2024

Priority 1: To develop the leadership structure in line with Schools as Learning Organisations model.  

Teacher with responsibility - Mr C George

Team responsible - Leadership 

Link governor - Mr G Jones

Priority 2: To raise standards in Literacy with a particular focus on spelling, phonics, guided reading and extended writing. 

Teacher with responsibility - Mrs C Long

Team responsible - Literacy

Link governor - Mrs S Windsor

Priority 3: To further enhance digital skills for all learners.  

Teacher with responsibility - Mr D Daves

Team responsible - ICT

Link governor - Nick Rutter

Priority 4: To embed assessment in learning strategies across the school. 

Teacher with responsibility - Mr S White

Team responsible - Leadership 

Link governor - Mr G Jones / Mrs S Windsor

Priority 5: To begin to implement the WRAP project in line with staff and pupil well-being.

Teacher with responsibility - Miss R Fenton 

Team responsible - Well-being 

Link governor - Mr G Jones