All school places are allocated in line with the school admissions criteria by Caerphilly County Borough Coucil.

In the majority of cases, children are offered places at their parents' first choice of school. However, if your child is not offered a place you will need to decide whether you are willing to accept a place at a different school, or whether you wish to appeal.

If you choose to appeal, your appeal will be heard by an Independent Appeal Panel. This panel will judge whether the school is full and, should that be the case, whether the parent's application is so strong that the child should still be offered a place. It should be noted that nursery age pupils have no right of appeal.

School admissions and appeals code

The 'School admissions code' and the 'School admissions appeals code' have been produced by the Welsh Government and explain the statutory guidance that must be followed when allocating school places in all primary, secondary and middle schools.

School admission and appeal codes (Links to an external website)

How to appeal

You must appeal in writing within 28 calendar days of you being notified of the decision not to admit your child to your chosen school.

Register your school admissions appeal (CCBC website)